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  Ninja Night is Friday June 7th
  Ages 5.5- 10 years

We are hiring coaches 
 ~summer camp~ hours 9am-1pm
Assistant coach  Friday 3:15-8pm Saturday 9:15-1:30
Saturday 9:15-1:30

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Summer camps are full

We help kids Cultivate Courage, Confidence, and Character One Obstacle at a Time.

Teaching kids ages 18 months - 12 years how to increase their physical, social, & character growth while channeling their inner ninja warrior!

Kids Warrior Fitness

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What We Offer

Inspired by the show “American Ninja Warrior”, our obstacle course-based classes are structured to develop strength, balance, focus, problem-solving, agility and MORE! We teach entry-level ninja warrior fitness classes. We allow the littlest Warriors to explore our exciting obstacle courses!

 Do you have an aspiring Junior Ninja Warrior? 
our studio is for you! 

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Our Awesome Ninja Studio

features 1500 sq ft of climbing and grip strength stations, monkey bars, swinging Rings, balance obstacles, quad steps, a 6ft and 10FT warped wall. Best of All, the buzzer at the end of the course!!!

About Kids Warrior Fitness

Our coaches teach our athletes the best way to level up in all 3 areas. We break down the challenges into manageable parts. We celebrate our small wins. We teach that we are not competing against each other, we are competing against our selves to do our best.

We meet each student where they are at. We focus on building their confidence and bringing out their strengths through our fun obstacle courses.

Each student and family is important to us. We are a small owner-operated business. It's about feeling connected to our families and building a supportive community for kids and parents.

We see Ninja Warrior as a sport of personal best! 

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Each obstacle is an opportunity for kids to challenge themselves physically, mentally and with strong character.

Our instructorS are experienced and dedicated Adults who care Whole heartedly about their students!

Meet Your Ninja Instructor

Her love for fitness and natural ability for teaching children is what led her to start Arista's Jump Start Gymnastics, LLC 2002 and had a thriving mobile business across many counties in the Bay Area teaching upwards of 300 students a session. In 2017 she found her new passion, the sport of Ninja Warrior! This led to developing and teaching Kids Warrior Fitness classes. Now she is reaching a life long goal of opening a brick and mortar business, with her new warrior fitness studio!  She loves being involved in her community and sharing her passion for movement with kids.

Arista is a Bay Area resident, originally from San Carlos, and she moved to Pleasant Hill in 2016 with her husband and two children. As a parent of two young children, she is in tune with what both parents and children want in a recreational enrichment program. She thrives on creating a fun, safe, enthusiastic, positive learning environment where every child feels engaged and confident!

Arista was a competitive gymnast as a child and has 20+ years teaching kids gymnastics. 

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hard work, a positive attitude and meaningful connections.

We Value

Lindsey Okey, mom

We are so glad we found Arista and Kids Warrior Fitness! So much so that we follow her to wherever she is set up to teach! We first thought this would be a fun class to give my son an activity of his own, but over 4 years later he’s still going strong and loving every minute of it with her! Arista has such a way with the children, she demonstrates how to do each move, which is rare for most teachers, and she is always adaptable and mindful of where my son is at – when to push him to do his best, and when to let him move on. She makes movement fun and empowering and has helped Alex discover his strength and tenacity. 

 I will be forever grateful for Arista & can’t recommend her highly enough! 

Denise, Mom of 2

Arista knows each child well & always looks for new ways for them to have a blast while looking out for their safety. My son especially loves the challenge of a new course & she has yet to disappoint in the new obstacles she comes up with. I love the fact that she knows each kid & pours her heart into her classes.

My kids have enjoyed Arista’s classes for over 3 years now. 

Dina, mom of 2

Arista is kind, encouraging and positive. She always finds ways to challenge the kids while focusing on doing skills correctly and safely. My kids love that the courses always change and that new equipment is added. I love that my kids get great exercise and learn functional movement skills.

We love Kids Warrior Fitness classes! 

Karen Peterson, Preschool Teacher

She encourages the children's social development while they are developing gross motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. She also prepares them for success in school by building their listening skills, teaching them to follow instructions, sequencing and spatial orientation. Confidence and self-esteem flourish under Arista's positive direction.

she is gifted in her approach & her ability to work with children.

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